Light, fast, environmentally friendly heating for vehicles

From radiant heat for interiors to environmental management for control surfaces, Nanotherm is making innovation possible in mobility solutions.

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EV Batteries

Increasing the range and life of EV batteries

Simple thermal management of EV batteries enables adoption and reliable operation in even the coldest of climates.

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Increase Range

Cold weather compromises EV battery chemistry and can reduce range by 20-40%. Nanotherm holds temperatures steady, increasing EV range capacity.

Charge Faster

Environmental conditions below freezing prevent EV battery charging. Nanotherm maintains ideal temperatures to allow for rapid charging even in the coldest conditions.

Reduce Dendrite Formation

Battery lifespans are reduced in very cold weather, which leads to dendrite formation and increases the risk for thermal runaway. Nanotherm prevents dendrite formation.


Providing radiant interior heat to enable innovation.

Traditional HVAC is the second greediest consumer of energy, after the engine. Lightweight, energy-efficient heating saves battery life, increases range and delivers comfort and safety in automotive applications.

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less power than traditional wire heaters

Automotive Use Cases


  • Individualized comfort for each passenger with our Surround Heat system - footwell, dash, armrests, more
  • Pre-heat your space without starting the car


  • De-ice critical surfaces like wheel wells and windshield wipers
  • Prevent snow and ice accumulation on door handles, and headlights / brake lights
Other Transportation

Nanotherm is redefining heat and enabling innovation

From light rail and electric vehicles to passenger drones, our lightweight thermal film can heat almost any surface, increasing safety and pushing the envelope of what is possible.

Maintain Control Surfaces

Ice accumulation on control surfaces results in catastrophic events for drones, a problem that has been difficult to solve with current heat solutions. Nanotherm is the answer.

Increase Comfort

Nanotherm heating technology pushes the boundaries of innovation by keeping passengers warm and comfortable without adding significant weight or energy loads.

Enable EV Adoption

The potential to keep EV batteries at ideal temperatures opens the aperture for eco-friendly vehicle development across the globe, even in the coldest climates.

Nanotherm is redefining heat and enabling innovation.

By capitalizing on the potential of nanotechnology, we deliver unprecedented heating possibilities that can be used in cutting-edge industries and applications to better our world and protect our environment.

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