Nanotherm is changing the way the world thinks about heating.

How will we heat the future?

More efficiently and more responsibly - saving time and money, and mitigating climate-driven effects on surfaces previously considered impossible to heat.

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Nanotherm uses nanotechnology to make an energy-efficient, cost-effective, lightweight thermal film or paint that can be used to heat almost any surface.

EV Battery Thermal Regulation

Utilizing lightweight heating film allows EV batteries to remain at optimal temperatures during operation and charging, allowing adoption of EV tech even in the coldest climates.

Energy and Cost-Efficient Residential Heating

Our technology offers a drastic reduction in power use in residential heat, providing a savings of at least 50% for homes that currently utilize electric heating solutions.

Snow and Ice Mitigation Solutions

Prevention of ice formation on walkways, runways, and sidewalks enhances safety and reduces reliance on environmentally hazardous chemicals for removal.


Nanotherm lets you control the effects of Mother Nature without fighting her

EV Batteries

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Nanotherm maintains the ideal temperature for EV batteries while driving, parking, and charging. Keeping these batteries in the optimal temperature zone extends the range of electric vehicles and batteries. This revolution in temperature management will allow adoption of EVs in even the harshest climates.


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When traditional cabin heat in vehicles is supplied by Nanotherm, we see an energy expenditure reduction of 50% compared to traditional alternatives. In electric vehicles, this means even greater range.


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Nanotherm’s flexible heating solution allows automakers to add function and safety to surfaces such as wiper blades, door handles, and lights, while adding energy-efficient comfort heating to seats and footwells.

Radiant Heat Applications

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Using only 5W of power per square foot compared to the traditional 12W, Nanotherm is an efficient alternative to electric radiant heating in residential and commercial applications.


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Breakthrough energy efficiency and durability couple with game-changing heating to provide radiant heat for floors and keep exteriors clear of ice and and snow, while lowering energy costs significantly.


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Nanotherm provides reliable and efficient heating for critical commercial applications, from airport runways to busy walkways and stairs to improve safety and reduce reliance on costly equipment and harmful chemicals.

Nanotherm is redefining heat and enabling innovation.

By capitalizing on the potential of nanotechnology, we deliver unprecedented heating possibilities that can be used in cutting-edge industries and applications to better our world and protect our environment.

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