Enabling innovation with energy-efficient heat for homes and businesses

Saving energy and money in architectural applications, Nanotherm is changing the way we’ll heat our future.

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Radiant Heat Applications

Heat where it matters most

Nanotherm’s lightweight thermal film is enabling the energy conservation revolution, reducing energy consumption by as much as 50% compared with traditional heating systems or heaters using electric heat. Nanotherm's innovative design offers efficient radiant floor heat, and creative aesthetic possibilities for space heater design.

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Endless possibilities

Thin roll-to-roll thermal film can be installed below flooring or inside walls, heating spots previous difficult and expensive to warm.

Energy efficiency

Electric heating accounts for as much as 63% of residential energy consumption. Nanotherm demonstrates as much as 50% power savings.

Customizable application

Nanotherm’s thin film format can be adapted by width, length, power and temperature, making it adaptable to almost any use.

Commercial & Residential

What if snow and ice removal were no longer necessary?

Nanotherm prevents development of unsafe conditions in cold climates by warming surfaces previously vulnerable to dangerous accumulations of ice and snow. Reduce reliance on removal equipment and environmentally hazardous chemical treatments.

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Use Cases

Snow & Ice Melt

  • Reduce cost and labor incurred through traditional snow removal
  • Eliminate reliance on hazardous ice-preventing chemicals
  • Protect against conditions that could lead to slip and fall lawsuits due to dangerous outdoor surfaces


Currently Testing
  • Would maintain critical roadways even during storms
  • Has the potential to help keep runways clear and prevent costly flight delays and cancellations due to exterior snow accumulation
  • Avoid excessive reliance on chemicals and heavy equipment

Nanotherm is redefining heat and enabling innovation.

By capitalizing on the potential of nanotechnology, we deliver unprecedented heating possibilities that can be used in cutting-edge industries and applications to better our world and protect our environment.

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